Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome to Trigo´s world

Trigofillia is what he wanted
he´s really so canalla
White T.C. is all she needs
Light will always on her
All the time they look around
She´s away from Rios Town
while Trigofillia is travelling on her mind
Trigofillia is what she needs
he really looks much higher
White T.C. is all he wants
Shade of Ligth will shine her
Cartoons dreams white, blue & pink
Soon she tell us what she think
While Trigofillia is travelling on her mind
Don´t waste her time...
She´s on her mind...


Anonymous said...

Reniegas de tu pasado como bateria de RM ?. Rencor , quizás ?

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Baldwin Park Boilers said...

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